In addition to our popular staple crops, we grow a wide variety of specialty produce and have been fortunate to work with very talented and innovative chefs at some of the regions most esteemed restaurants.
We have grown everything from Agretti to Yam Beans and try new crops every season. We are very proud that the farm has become known for its dedication to quality, dependability and desire to experiment.

Please contact us for a farm visit or if you would like to receive
information about seasonal availability or the weekly produce listing.
A limited selection of our produce can also be found on Farms 2 Tables

You can find our produce on plates at...
Bartlett House
Blue Hill (Stone Barns and NYC)
Ca' Mea
The Corner
Freek's Mill (Brooklyn)
Meadowsweet (Brooklyn)
Murray's Tivoli
Murray's Cheese Bar
Swoon Kitchenbar
Talbot and Arding