summer shares

Starling Yards Vegetables (T/F pick-up)

Weekly vegetable shares are a balance of salad greens, root vegetables, cooking greens, culinary herbs, allia and seasonal vegetables.
We continue to build in more choice adding more "this or that" options
and a Swap Box to give our members greater flexibility in their weekly share. Here is a list of the crops we grow and when their available, plus a sample of actual shares.

small SHARE - $475

Ideal for a couple or an individual who is a vegetable enthusiast.

Regular SHARE - $585

Terrific for a family of four or a couple who prioritizes vegetables.


Starling Yards Eggs (T/F pick-up)

Our hens move around the farm's pastures and fields in their mobile coop where they have all day access to grasses, legumes, forbs, bugs and worms. In addition to their "grazing" diet, we also provide them with Non-GMO grain and choice tidbits from our vegetable fields. During the worst of the winter months the hens move into their hoop house where they have added protection from the wind and freezing temperatures. They continue to have daytime access to the remnants of our vegetable fields and the winter rye we plant for them.

Full Share - $99

1 dozen eggs per week


1/2 dozen eggs per week


Sawkill meats (monthly Friday Pick-Up)

The pastured meat shares are available June-October through our neighbors at Sawkill Farm and will be available to pick-up on the first Friday of the month. They offer 10 and 15 pound options that include popular retail cuts of their grass-fed and pastured beef, lamb and pork. They meticulously weigh each item before it is placed in your share to meet the required weights. Because every cut of meat is different, this means that sometimes the cuts included in the shares will vary.

Favorites Tier - Sirloin, Eye of Chuck, Pork Chops, Bacon,
Ground Lamb, Stew Lamb and Lamb Shanks
Slow Cook Tier - Chuck Steak, Beef Roasts, Beef Stew,
Beef Shank, Pork Shoulder/Butt and Ground Pork
Quick and Easy Tier - Hot Dogs, Kielbasa, Chuck Steak,
Sausages and Pork Cutlets


15lb pastured Meat share: 5 pounds from each tier: $750

10lb pastured meat share: 3-4 pounds from each tier: $500

2lb Family Ground Beef Special (add-on): $60

2lb Bacon Special (add-on): $120

2lb Steak Lovers (add-on): $220


mushrooms (Friday Pick-UP)

Mushroom shares are offered by Flyaway Fungi - naturally grown outdoors in the woods of Red Hook.  Log grown mushrooms are cultivated by introducing mushroom mycelium to a log in the form
of organically produced mycelium growing on sawdust.  Log grown mushrooms tend to be more flavorful, meatier and have a longer
shelf-life then their indoor grown equivalent which are grown on
sterilized sawdust or other agricultural byproduct.  

A mushroom share is one quart of mushrooms a week and will MAINLY consist of fresh log grown Shiitake mushrooms with the occasional possibility of other log grown mushrooms (mukitake, nameko or one
of seven varieties of oyster mushrooms) or at times even foraged mushrooms.  Due to the unpredictable nature of mushrooms there may
be a few weeks during the season where a fresh mushroom share is replaced with a dried equivalent. 

mushroom Full share: $176/22 weeks

Mushroom Half Share: $90/11 weeks


cheeses (Friday pick-up)

The bi-weekly cheese share is a rotating selection of seasonally
available farmstead cheeses from Ardith Mae and Chaseholm Farm. Every other week members will receive 10-16oz of fresh goat’s and cow’s milk cheeses with varieties ranging from Chevre and Feta to Camembert and Horseradish Farmers Cheese.

Cheeses you may find in the share:
Ardith Mae Farmstead Goat Cheese – Plain, Honey Lavender and
Black Pepper Chevre, Feta, Mammuth Camembert, Bigelo and
Green Peppercorn Pyramid, and Silhoette (Humbolt Fog)
Chaseholm Farm and Creamery – Camembert, Chaource, Gruyere, Queso Blanco, Tomme and Basil/Garlic, Dill or Horseradish Farmer’s Cheese

cheese share: $186/11 weeks


Flowers (friday pick-up)

Summer Flower shares are available through Shoving Leopard Farm
and are available for 12 weeks, mid-June through the hard frost. With over
100 varieties of annual and perennial flowers throughout the season,
this option will make your summer as beautiful and fragrant as it will be delicious. New this season, you can also sign up for a Fall Dahlia share, beginning in late August or early September, 6 more weeks of lush color and texture for your home or workspace.

Shoving Leopard Farm's Summer Pick-Your-Own Flower shares give you access to the Pick-Your-Own Labyrinth of Flowers Sunday thru Tuesday on the Rokeby Farm in Barrytown, while Pre-Picked and Dahlia Shares can be picked up Friday's 5-7pm, at Starling Yards.

Summer PYO Flower Share: $200

Summer Pre-Picked Flower Share: $220

Fall Dahlia Share: $95